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What we do

Our three step process is designed to get brands and business to an uncommon perspective that make awfully good sense.

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Step 1

Sense breaking

We know that our own assumptions can predetermine how we approach problems. That’s why we start with a naked perspective. We bring naivety and empathy in to ensure we fully interrogate the target audience, competitive set and category.

What we do: Services
What we do: Text

Step 2

Sense making

We know that much of what motivates consumers lies in the unconscious mind. That’s why our insight finding techniques bleed into the lateral and projective. We mine the deep, the weird and sometimes fringe to unearth those uncommon collisions that result in truly fresh insights.

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Step 3

Sense (re)building

We know that it’s far easier to change the environment around which a product or service is bought or considered than it is to change a consumer's mind. That’s why we will work together with you to identify and reduce the friction in product, packaging, promotions/communications, price and place to ensure we consider the entire CX ecosystem.

What we teach

Michelle brings 20 years of experience to her training curriculum. As one of the industry's most innovative strategists, she doesn't just provide textbook theory but real world application and passion for the craft of strategic planning.

15 Minutes to Brilliance

As an antidote to expensive and lengthy strategic courses, get the ultimate tips and tricks you need to up your strategic game in this 5 part series. Take them all or break them up including:

  • 15 min to better briefs

  • 15 min to to evaluating creative

  • 15 min to better insights

  • 15 min to understanding research

  • 15 min to measuring effectiveness

Intro to Behavioural Science: practical application 

Behavioural science has become the industry's latest buzzword. And while many are intrigued by the theory of it, few understand how to actually apply it to what we do. In this course, we will explore what behavioural science is, the implications of behavioural science on our industry and how it can be leveraged to get you to better results.

Research from the Dark Ages

Most of the ways we conduct market research today date back to the 1950s. And although our understanding of how consumers actually make decisions has advanced dramatically, what hasn't changed are our basic and most often used methodologies. In this course, we will explore what fallacies traditional market research can lead us to and how we can push for something better.

What we do: Text

Awards & Case Studies

Michelle is one of Canada's most awarded strategic planners. While obviously, a lot of that comes down to the creative, an often neglected part of that comes down to the storytelling. Michelle is a master at writing compelling stories that highlight the strategic contribution. Whether you need to prove results, as in the case of Effies, the compelling insight as in the case of Strategy Awards, or how you overcame the challenge as in the case of the Canadian Marketing Awards, we can do it for you. Don't let awards be written by your interns. If you're serious about attracting new business and new talent, then get them written by an industry veteran.


New Biz Pitch Coach

Michelle has been involved in some of the industry's biggest pitches and knows the that having a winning deck is not enough. How you present it is a massive and often under-appreciated skill. But what she offers however isn't just run of the mill presentation skills, she will show you how to differentiate yourself from other agencies instead of coming across as more of the same, how to talk about award winning work without sounding awards obsessed, and how to actually listen to a client instead of just promising to.

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