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What we do

Going beyond the obvious. Identifying whitespace. Finding value in what others dismiss. 


It’s where everyone wants to get to but how do you actually get there? 


We are a strategic consultancy that brings together brand and digital strategy, research, innovation and behavioural science in order to deliver an uncommon perspective that make awfully good sense.

To achieve this, we believe you must first set aside your biases, open yourself to different points of view, and appreciate the power in small reframes over massive revolutions.

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An uncommon perspective

that makes awfully

good sense


What we teach

Michelle brings 20 years of experience to her training curriculum. As one of the industry's most innovative strategists, she doesn't just provide textbook theory but real world application and passion for the craft of strategic planning.


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Awards & Case Studies

Michelle is one of Canada's most awarded strategic planners. While obviously, a lot of that comes down to the creative, an often neglected part of that comes down to the storytelling. Michelle is a master at writing compelling stories that highlight the strategic contribution. Whether you need to prove results, as in the case of Effies, the compelling insight as in the case of Strategy Awards, or how you overcame the challenge as in the case of the Canadian Marketing Awards, we can do it for you. Don't let awards be written by your interns. If you're serious about attracting new business and new talent, then get them written by an industry veteran.

What we believe

Paper Abstract
You have to unlearn in order to re-learn

Without realizing it, we often bring our own background, beliefs, and experiences into challenges. This means we end up arriving at solutions that are based on our own perspective. In order to get to solutions which truly resonate, we must first set our own biases aside.

Understanding the consumer is not enough

Our target can at times be unreliable sources of insight. And that is because consumers aren’t always able to articulate why they make the decisions they make, why they choose the brands they choose, etc. That’s why our obsession with consumer centricity usually leads us to more of the same instead of something truly breakthrough.

Paper Artwork
Paper Craft
Small ideas have as much value as big

Our industry’s traditional devotion to the big idea can sometimes diminish our ability to appreciate the power of reframes over revolutions. Yet small nudges are often even more effective at driving behavioural change. That’s why we take time to understand the full context - both the barriers that may hinder us as well as the levers that can propel us.


Who we are

Michelle Lee, Principal 

Michelle is a seasoned strategic marketing leader with a proven track record of delivering effective business results and disruptive insights across a broad range of industries including financial services, packaged goods, telco, pharma, and retail.

She led the Ogilvy Canada team to become the #1 most effective strategy team in Canada, as measured by the EFFIES, which. was in no small part due to her multi-award winning work on Huggies.

She is not bound by traditional methods of developing and testing marketing communications. Instead, she is inspired to explore and create new tools, frameworks and processes which are aligned to a more contemporary understanding of how consumers actually make decisions. This approach propelled her to create Canada’s first behavioural science led Nudge Unit and lead Saatchi’s global research and trendhunting initiatives across Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Michelle has worked in Australia, the US and Canada, at network agencies and boutique shops, including creative agencies, digital agencies, communications agencies, PR agencies, strategic consultancies, and innovation agencies, Her eclectic background has amassed her with an expansive toolkit and taught her to dig deeper and wider in order to look at problems with an uncommon perspective.


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What people say

Paul Woolmington,

CEO Canvas Worldwide

Neal Davies,


Mike Wilson,

Chair Havas Media Group, Australia and New Zealand

Michelle was a most valued member of Naked Communications Americas. She developed leading Brand and Communications strategies for major Naked clients. Her work was always exemplary.

If it weren't for geography, I would be delighted because Michelle would still a part of my team. Simply put, she is a very smart strategist and leader. She is great internally and trusted by clients. I miss her!

Michelle is a highly talented, incisive, enquiring, and engaging strategy professional. Her work is always of the highest standard, and I wholeheartedly recommend her.

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